Jaypee PPC Cement

Jaypee PPC Grade Cement helps to produce better concrete & compressive strength that keeps on growing with time. It is resist to acid rain due to its low permeability quality.

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Brand                 :       Jaypee Cement
Type                   :        PPC
Weight               :        50 kgs
Selling Units      :        Bags

Jaypee Cement (PPC) helps to produce more cohesive concrete and mortar which is also less prone to segregation and bleeding. Due to this quality, Jaypee Cement (PPC) is suitable for any type of structural application. *(Curing is done as per specified norms).Use of superior quality flyash in Jaypee Cement (PPC) not only reduces the incidence of lime leaching from concrete and mortar but also results in refined pore structure, reduced permeability and long term strength gain. These attributes make the construction strong, compact, impermeable and resistant to chemical attacks.Jaypee Cement (PPC) is being used for a number of applications like housing, commercial complexes, roads, wells, canals, dams etc. which establishes Jaypee Cement (PPC) as the preferred choice of the discerning customer. It is particularly well suited for the tropical climatic conditions of India.

  • The density of it is more compared to others.
  • It is in grey color
  • Initial setting time is 30 minutes and final setting time is 600 minutes
  • It produces less heat of hydration and greater resistance to aggregate water attacks compared to OPC(53&43)

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