Birla A1 PPC Grade Cement

it is used in mass concreting work instead of ordinary cement due to adverse in soil conditions.

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Brand                  :         Birla A1 Cement
Type                    :         PPC 
Weight                :         50 kgs
Selling Units       :         Bags
Launched as a corollary to the magnificent success of Orient Gold 53 Grade Cement, Birla A1 Premium Cement has carved a niche in the market and is already among the best known brands in south-west India. Our flagship brand in the PPC category, Birla A1 Premium Cement is an inter-grinding of Portland cement clinker, gypsum and very fine-grained highly reactive fly ash. Its biggest advantage is better particle size distribution for greater strength, which helps achieve higher density with lower porosity in the hydrated cement, leading to increased durability.
  • The density of it is more compared to others.
  • It is in grey color
  • Initial setting time is 30 minutes and final setting time is 600 minutes
  • It produces less heat of hydration and greater resistance to aggregate water attacks compared to OPC(53&43)

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