Dalmia PPC Grade Cement

Dalmia PPC Grade Cement is one of the leading cement manufacturers in India. This cement makes the concrete more dense and an impermeable mix, resulting in long lasting structures.

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Brand                :        Dalmia Cement
Type                  :        PPC 
Weight              :        50 kgs
Selling Units     :        Bags

Dalmia cement(PPC), is the example for a high quality cement. Years of experience after 1939 make Dalmia cement real pioneers in the cement industry. The high standard product which is sold in international markets in greater demand at all times.Dalmia PPC has a 28-day compressive strength of 480 Kg/cm2, the required 28-day compressive strength as per BIS: 330 Kg/cm2.

  • The density of it is more compared to others.
  • It is in grey color
  • Initial setting time is 30 minutes and final setting time is 600 minutes
  • It produces less heat of hydration and greater resistance to aggregate water attacks compared to OPC(53&43)

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