Nagarjuna PPC Cement

Nagarjuna Port Pozzolana Cement can be used in all types of constructions. It prevents rusting of steel reinforcement and resists chloride & sulphate effects, hence it is best suited for coastal areas

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Brand                 :           Nagarjuna Cement
Type                   :           PPC
Weight               :           50 Kgs
Selling Units      :           Bags
Nagarjuna PPC grade cement offers better workability, lesser heat of hydration, smooth finish for wall plastering etc. it is useful for general construction works and can be used for constructions in aggressive conditions like marine works, mass concrete structures, wall foundations etc.
  • The density of it is more compared to others.
  • It is in grey color
  • Initial setting time is 30 minutes and final setting time is 600 minutes
  • It produces less heat of hydration and greater resistance to aggregate water attacks compared to OPC(53&43)

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