Bharathi 43 Grade Cement

It is used to build all types of residential and commercial complexes, water retaining structures and also in highway construction

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370 375


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Brand                  :        Bharathi Cement
Type                    :        OPC Cement
Grade                 :         43
Weight                :        50 kgs
Selling Units       :        Bags
     It is Suitable for residential, commercial, industrial structures, bridges and dams, highways, high-rise buildings, runways etc.Pre-stressed concrete.Recommended for all types of RCC structures, concrete blocks, electric poles, paver blocks etc.Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) 43 Grade is a premium quality cement manufactured from world renowned Narzi limestone. Made using next generation German Technology, the 43 Grade cement develops high early strength as well as high ultimate strength.
    • It is used for plastering works, Non-RCC Structures, pathways etc
    • Initial setting is not of importance
    • It is in grey color

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