Coromandal 43 Grade Cement

Coromandel 43 Grade Cement is produced using world class technology, which ensures increase in strength as time passes. Its High finess quality is suitable for plastering and finishing works.

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Brand                 :        Coromandal Cement
Type                   :        OPC Cement
Grade                 :       43
Weight                :       50 kgs
Selling Units       :      Bags
Coromandal King (OPC-43 Grade) is six decades old cement company, which manufactures superior quality cement in the world. High quality cement is made with world class state of art technology. The royal quality and uniqueness are offered in every single particle of cement.
  • It is used for plastering works, Non-RCC Structures, pathways etc
  • Initial setting is not of importance
  • It is in grey color

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