Chettinad OPC 43 Cement

Chettinad OPC 43 Grade Cement is a high quality cement with a setting pace of 43 mpa in 28 days that is used in plastering works, pathways etc.

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345 350


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Brand                :        Chettinad Cement
Type                  :        OPC Cement
Grade               :         43 
Weight              :        50 Kgs
Selling Units     :        Bags
 Chettinad cement is the result of careful effort in the research and development of our cement engineers and scientists. It is specially blended with good quality control monitoring systems, high quality cement engineered for use in all structural, building and particularly useful in marine and hydraulic construction. Chettinad Cement is extremely easy to work with and produces consistently excellent results every time. This consistent quality, versatility and proven strength make it the choice for builders, architects, engineers, contractors.
  • It is used for plastering works, Non-RCC Structures, pathways etc
  • Initial setting is not of importance
  • It is in grey color

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