Penna OPC 43 Grade Cement

Penna OPC 43 Grade provides high strength to structures because of its optimum particle size distribution, superior crystallized structure and balanced phase composition.

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Brand                 :        Penna Premium Cement
Type                   :        OPC Cement
Grade                 :       53
Weight               :        50 Kgs
Selling Units      :       Bags
This is an Ordinary Portland Cement which has minimum 28 days strength of 430 Kg/CM2 (43 MPa) and meets all the specifications mentioned in BIS IS: 8112 (1989). Unless a project requires very high strength cement, the use of 43 Grade OPC is generally recommended in general civil construction work.  It is also extensively used in the manufacture of pre-cast items such as blocks, pipes and tiles.
  • It is used for plastering works, Non-RCC Structures, pathways etc
  • Initial setting is not of importance
  • It is in grey color

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