River Sand - 100cft

River sand is found in river streams and banks and is fine in quality unlike pit sand. This type of sand has rounded grains generally white-grey in colour. River sand is used for brick-work and plastering during construction.

Price :

6000 6000


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  • Recommended for RCC, Plastering and Brick/Block Work.
  • moisture is trapped in between the particles which is good for concrete purposes.
  • smoother texture with better shape and demands less water.
  • It is naturally available on the river banks.
Sand is a critical raw material for building and home construction and there are several intricacies to bear in mind while selecting and procuring sand. The varied physical properties that naturally occur in sand help to divide sand into categories that are suited for different stages of construction. Price mentioned is as per ton.It is available on river banks. It has smoother texture with better shape and it demands less water
1.High probability of adulteration since filter sand ( a type of pre-washed sand which contains high slit contents) are mixed together. As a rule, supply shortage always brings adulterer products to the market.
2.No control over quality since it is naturally occurring. Same river bed sand can have differences in slit contents.
3.1-6% of  over -sized materials like pebble stones can be expected.

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