Birla White Cement

White cement helps in making marvellous architectural designs. White cement mixed with colour pigments can give beautiful colour combinations while retaining the strength of the design structure. They are used in false ceiling, decorative pillar structures, etc..

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Brand                   :        Birla White Cement
Type                     :        White Cement
Weight                 :       50 kgs
Selling Units        :        bags
Birla White Cement takes artistic expression in architectural design to the next level. A product of the most advanced technologies and manufacturing processes, it offers a pristine white canvas for crafting architectural elegance. Its exceedingly high refractive index and high opacity imparts brilliant lustre and a smooth finish to surfaces, even when blended with pigments. It offers the freedom to create designs with a wide palette of colours, textures, shapes and sizes. Birla White is the preferred white cement for decorative paints, plasters, Mosaic tiles, Terrazzo flooring and white cement based value-added products
  • Architectural Decorative Designs
  • Designer Flooring
  • Tile Grouting
  • Sealants

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